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It was in 2002, the Siloam Church leaders took up the challenge to give their helping hand to the poor and needy in the community where they belong. Going around the city and state, one thing was clear - there is a great need of help required for the underprivileged or marginalised in all respect. Upon seeing the innocent children in the street Rev. Johnson and Sis. Jyothi took up the challenge to shelter orphan and semi-orphan children at their risk. This small initiative has prompted them to form Siloam Charitable Trust, which got registered as trust with the Government.

In 2005 Siloam Charitable Trust got registered in Karnataka as charitable trust. Growing rapidly the trust has 2 rehabilitation centre in Bangalore and in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Today Siloam Charitable Trust caters to children, nature victims, old age groups, and many under priveliged people.

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Children's Ministry

Siloam Charitable Trust has taken the responsibility to shelter, food, clothe and provide many children the education they need. There is a need to undertake another 100 children immediately. Why Children?
35 million children has never been to school.

Poverty takes away 2.7 million children before they celebrate their 5th birthday.

It is a Himalayan task to change the situation in this nation. But one step at a time, Siloam Charitable Trust now concentrates on children and their well being. It is a movement where others can partner with us as a life-time investment. Join us in this noble task.


We provide the following services

Marriage and Family Counseling

Pre/Post Marital Counseling

Children and Youth Counseling

Education and Career Counseling

Rehabilitation Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

Prayer Group
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Young Adult Ministry

Siloam Youth Ministry (SYM) is our Young Adult platform that is dedicated to renewing, educating and connecting those who work in youth ministry; with congregations across the church.

As a church that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and life, the SYM offers a variety of opportunities for youth to grow in and explore their faith. One of the most powerful events, offered every year, is the Siloam Youth Gathering, during which tens of high school youth and adults converge on a city to serve, worship and learn how to lead lives of discipleship.


The SYM is expanding its vision of what it means to be church and what it means to engage a population of young adults who are seeking authentic community and opportunities to serve their neighbours.

Are you between the ages of 18 and 30? If so, the SYM offers inspiration, opportunities and resources for young adults like you and for people who facilitate young adult ministry in their communities of faith. We are a church that belongs to Christ. There is a place for you here.

Women's Ministry

Women have contributed much to the ministry of the Church throughout its history. However, their role in this area has never been free from controversy. Today, most church bodies are discussing the place of women in their ministries. Crucial to these discussions for many of us are the matters of faithful biblical interpretation.


God made you with a gift that is meant to affect others. Our group is looking at equipping you with your God-given gifts, and maybe discover some new ones along the way! 

God has big plans for us! Our small group focuses on everyone giving and receiving hope and help from God’s Word as we transform and grow in Christ. Through real, authentic friendships, conversations, and encouragement, we’ll get to know, serve, and learn from each other. Let’s do life together.

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Village Ministry

There are approximately .65 million villages in India with around 70% of the population living in these communities, consequently the Gospel has yet to reach millions of people. Around 30% of these villagers are living below poverty line with lack of food, nutrition, accommodation, education and medical facilities. Thousands of Orphans are abandoned, along with street children, leading to disease and premature death. By helping with some of these physical needs we not only demonstrate Gods love but we are able to reach out to the spiritual needs of those who are steeped in the traditions of idol worship and set them free.

We are proclaiming the gospel in remote often unreached villages and establishing house churches where believers meet in rented accommodation. A local pastor is appointed to take care of the spiritual needs of these churches, conduct worship and teach. Local prayer cell groups are set up as people travel from surrounding areas. Many are being led to faith in Christ and being baptised and then taken care of within the local church. We have 15 pastors currently working in more than 15 rural villages within two districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Bible Training Program
A man is business suit reading the Bible

We have successfully finished the first year of our Bible Training program! In August, we started the second year courses! We have a vast array of dedicated students, from India and abroad, taking part this year. Please continue to keep this program in your prayers. 

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